All righty. Things are moving along well, which is nice. I’m getting close to having hope that I’ll be caught up with my job soon (it’s a sad statement, but it’s the truth), and life otherwise is just moving along. Sadly, I destroyed my right forearm when I moved many just-too-large-for-my-hand piles of paper on Monday (I’m such a weakling); now I have the options of using my right hand and experiencing pain, or not using it and letting the sucker freeze up on me. Considering that I can barely do anything with my left hand, I’ve pretty much been forced to just bite the bullet all day. Yay me.

I’ve updated the Comments links in my blog with my new email address, and the changes involved in implementing the blog archive don’t seem to have destroyed any browsers. That, when considered with the fact that the moon is in the fourth corridor of the sign of Tripoli, can only mean one thing: the //LINKS page is up! Go—click-click! click-click!

The number of categories is rather limited for now; I’ll be adding to the page (and perhaps creating a “new links” section at the top, if/when I add links to already-established sections) as time passes.

Marin has decided that we’ve been too slow in watching anime, and so is making a greater effort to be ready to watch more each evening. Today we took in a disc and a half of Real Bout High School (putting us at the end of disc 2, with what we watched on Monday), and so far it hasn’t been anywhere near as bad as everybody had said it would be. The seventh episode was pretty darn entertaining, actually; how can you not like the (long-rumored, never verified) Secret Flower Arrangement Club revealing themselves (and their oddly ninja-inspired moves) to interfere with Ryoko’s bento-creating K-Fight with Azumi? How could you not laugh at the poor fools who try to eat the lunches that were created and end up foaming at the mouth, falling over, and leaking more gray liquid than the human body can possibly hold? Of course, this was immediately following the episode where everybody had to fight off an infestation of giant crabs in the shopping mall. I suspect that episode would have reminded me of Dawn of the Dead, had I seen Dawn of the Dead.


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