It’s getting too darn hot around here. [I’m currently in my room, tired and sweating, so don’t expect too much of this entry. My brain is barely functional.] I made mention of the pleasant evenings we’ve been having in earlier entries; during those (week)days, at least, I spent the daytime at work. Though I may have issues with my work, at times, one issue I’ve never had is with their use of A/C—the place maintains a temperature where you could work, if you want to work.

My house is air conditioned as well, but my parents like to hold off on that as long as possible to cut down our energy bill. Though it won’t mean much to you all, as you don’t know how far my parents will try to go without cooling, I note that yesterday we really started using A/C, and today we never stopped it. My house has three levels, though, and the third one (where all our bedrooms are) never gets cooled.

Yesterday was uneventful, as many of my days are. Marin woke me up to tell me about a free-after-rebate CD-RW burner (she had gotten it confused with a DVD burner advertised elsewhere in the ad) offered at OfficeMax; though I didn’t need it, I figured it might be a nice thing to get for Eric. We still have to see if it blows up his computer before he gets it working.

If I didn’t pass out yesterday afternoon/evening, I might as well have for the purposes of this blog; I don’t really remember what I did. (I’m reasonably certain I did sleep for a while…) I do recall watching the second episode of King of Bandit Jing, to see how they converted the second Jing story from the manga to the anime; they kept the story intact, but—humorously, to me—edited out the incidents of underage drinking and implied nudity (totally unrelated to the drinking). The anime story wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the manga story, which seems to be a trend that I’ve begun to pick up on. Chobits and Love Hina are two other titles that seem to have fared better as manga than as anime.

My worry: have I been collecting the wrong thing this entire time? Are manga generally superior to their anime counterparts? Of course, there are cases where the anime is better than the manga: Neon Genesis Evangelion is the one I know for sure, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Magic Users Club and Cowboy Bebop fall in this category as well. Perhaps it has more to do with which medium a story was first told in…

Last night I played a decent amount of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night before going to bed. I’m almost scared to see what the clock in the game reads, since there were at least two times when I swore I’d quit at the next save point—and then promptly decided that I needed to accomplish one more thing.

Today I exercised, which was both good for me (in the traditional benefits that exercise carries) and the worst decision I made all day. See, my body seems to become hypersensitive to overheating after I exercise—and today was the hottest day we’ve had as of late. Any time I spent more than five minutes outside found me drenched in sweat…and though I’m out of shape, I’m not that out of shape.

Tonight I delivered the CD-RW drive to Eric, and watched some digital movies his parents had sent him. Most were home movies—including events such as Eric’s graduation, his dog getting a haircut, and his dad’s project to make a surfboard out of wood—that were entertaining in their own right, but one was a hilarious episode of a show broadcast on a Hawaiian local channel entitled Da Braddahs. There were three characters in the episode: two guys who, though technically speaking English, basically needed to be subtitled to be understood, and some gal who sat silently in the background the entire time and tried desperately not to laugh at the other two. The entire episode detailed how one guy just happens to run into his old friend (in front of his friend’s house), they sit down and chat for a while about nothing in particular (imagine this blog as dialogue between old friends, and you have a decent approximation of the import of their conversation), and then the wandering friend plays the guitar. For the last third of the episode.

The guy could play, too.

It’s a shame he can’t talk.

After watching videos, we grabbed “cool treats” from the nearby Dairy Queen and chatted in the one section of the place that wasn’t blocked by chairs. I’m not sure what to think about shutting down the place before the place shuts down…it just doesn’t seem right. Eric informed me that he had seen Phil the day after I saw him, and that Phil no longer has issues with girls not liking him. I think I prefer old Phil, still, just because he was someone I could look down on and pity. [Haha—I’m just kidding. Good for Phil!]

I then came home to aid Marin (namely by providing her the password, since I am the Password Master of my house) in her quest to secure herself a PS2. That’s right: I’ll soon be able to get nauseated by even more-advanced graphics! Whee!


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