Powerfully Tired

I had to arrive at work early today, so I could help my office manager deal with a sales representative following up on the scanning program I use. Only problem was that the sales rep was multiple hours late, and arrived just after I left to go pick Marin up for lunch…so I was lots of help. [Actually, I did get to talk to the guy for a minute…and learned that there was a newer version of our scanning program out. When I looked it up this evening, I discovered that it’s been out for over a year. w00t, sales guy.]

That’s OK, because I made further progress in cleaning out my cubicle today. I obliterated another pile marked “scan sometime,” and set myself up nicely to get things straight in relatively short order—completely catching up is beginning to look doable. Meanwhile, the dawning realization that I can’t do my job once school begins, that it’s just gotten too big, has kind of cast a pall over what should be a fairly joyous occasion.

The only other highlight of work was discovering that we had completely forgotten about a birthday, and watching as people threw decorations up, speed-signed a card, and bought some cheap cakes from Albertson’s. The cakes were absolutely delicious; they tasted like giant Ding-Dongs.

My day was just full of thrills, eh?

Tomorrow is my aunt’s birthday, and the day before she returns to Alaska. My uncle (from the other side of my family) also has a job interview in Albany tomorrow, so we’ll have a full house in the evening. Friday will be calmer in the homefront, but much more active on the East Coast. That’s right, everybody: this weekend is Otakon!

If some company doesn’t announce that they’ve licensed SaiKano, I’m gonna be ticked.

Otherwise—as I originally feared with Anime Expo—there’s great potential for being overwhelmed with new title announcements. If that doesn’t happen, though, next year should be comparatively light for me…this is pretty much the last major venue for new title announcements.

Last night I had a look at the KareKano “graphic novel” (i.e. manga) #1. I ordered the book a year ago, during Barnes and Noble’s summer sale event (30% off all new books)—which oddly hasn’t been brought back—and never got it. They actually ended up cancelling it for me, without telling me, earlier this year, and I had to order it elsewhere…and just got it a week or so ago. I’m not sure if I like the manga, yet (in contrast, I definitely enjoyed the first episode of the anime); Marin says that it’s well-liked for its characters and story, but is lacking in the artwork department. I’d have to agree with the art assessment, but I haven’t gotten far enough to judge characters or story.

I would read KareKano #2 tonight (I got that one last year, somehow), but, as my blog title says, I’m Powerfully Tired.


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