It’s Getting Hot Again

Yesterday was forgettable, since I’ve already forgotten about it. Well, Marin and I did watch Strawberry Eggs DVD 2; it continued the trend of being lighthearted while still possessing some odd undertones. I also recall crashing on the couch and working on the //anime review page layout (!).

Today I dragged myself out of bed at 8:00 am (I won’t complain bitterly, because I know others would beat me for it) in an attempt to try and start straightening out my delayed sleep patterns. I arrived at work in a good mood (it’s been a while…), only to learn that my boss’s mother had passed away earlier today. There’s nothing like hearing of a death to sour one’s mood.

My early start allowed me to catch up on my work, again. It’s a good thing, too, because I had begun feeling a bit queasy in the early afternoon, and was able to go home early and take things easy. Blah blah caught up on internet news yatta yatta worked more on the //anime layout etc. etc.

Tonight we cooked steak (a belated Labor Day meal), and I took a piece up to Eric, where we had a good, solid (as Bush would say) conversation. I also experienced first-hand the joys of the now-$5 game entitled “Machines,” and was introduced to initial plans for the Willamette Consortium—or, as I like to abbreviate it, the W.C. The W.C. is a secret organization of high-power individuals (or companies, we haven’t really decided) with yet-to-be-determined goals, that has a hidden entrance somewhere in Timberhill that will lead to a secret bunker deep within the depths of the hill. [Eric might not like me mentioning the possible existence of the W.C., but I say that a good high-power secret organization needs to be known to exist before it can control any sizeable chunk of the population’s mindshare, and thus be high-power.]

And because this update lacks wang and/or grammar, a link to entertain you to no end: Furious George and the Cross-Country Crime Spree. My first atrocity: the monkey replaces a number of educational children’s videos with hard-core pornography at a local video store in Macon, Georgia.

Now I just sit back and wait for Tyler to post this link to BuzzJive. (^_^) I can also wait for the flurry of hits I earn just for mentioning the words “hard-core pornography.” I suspect the hyphen might throw most of ’em, though, as it is a somewhat advanced aspect of the language.


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