Yet Another Lazy Day

Somehow today’s day of nothing was nowhere near as satisfying as yesterday’s day of nothing was. Perhaps it’s because I took the trash out today.

Well…honestly, it’s probably more because the marginal return on each successive day of nothing keeps getting smaller. That, and I’m getting a frequent vibe that I need to start moving again soon, that I need to end this weird stasis my life has attained and start moving with the flow of time again…. That’s right, I’m a man out of time. And that’s enough crazy-talk for one entry.

I’ve got a few new layout ideas in my head for the //anime page, so we’ll have to see if I can take those anywhere. Marin and I finished watching Niea_7, which was a quiet slice-of-life show to the very end. People who like shows with definitive endings wouldn’t like Niea, but it suited me just fine. Though my situation is quite a bit different (no alien bumming around my place, no struggling to be able to attend school), the overall feel of the show was similar to what a show about my life might be like—somewhat dull, somewhat entertaining, and full of lame humor. Heh. We also started watching I! My! Me! Strawberry Eggs, about a male gym teacher who has to dress up as a female to get a job at the nearby school. [The (female) principal believes that males are worthless savages, so the main character decides to teach her a lesson.] It’s a quirky premise with weird undertones (grown men who peep at junior high kids? developing teacher-student crush?) and some potential for commentary on gender roles…plus, Marin can’t figure out where it’s going at all. You never know where you’ll end up when even Marin can’t make heads or tails of the show’s direction. Hell, the people making the show probably didn’t know where there were taking it if Marin can’t figure it out. Ah well—we’ll soon find out.

Is it really September already? It doesn’t feel like it’s been a month since I last had to rotate the blog. In some ways I really do believe that life is the process of accelerating towards your death: these days I blink and twenty minutes are gone, whereas I’d have to take a nap or something for twenty minutes to pass as a child. No wonder I got so much more done back then.


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