Many Stories Ended Here Today

Today I caught up on all the sleep I lost over the last week. Boring day, no?

I tried calling Eileen this evening, but no one was home. I’ll have to keep at it, this time. So, rather than doing something interesting tonight that I could write about in this entry, I played a good deal of Final Fantasy X. It’s a decent break from my school week routine, so I can’t complain too loudly. It’s nice to be able to turn your brain off for a while, outside of sleeping.

I quit playing soon after Sin annihilated a good deal of people, and one of my characters noted that “many stories ended here today.” Kind of a sad way to think about death…not that death is a happy thing to think about, to begin with.

And, on an arguably lighter note, a guy who draws comics the way I would draw comics. (That refers to my magnificent artistic abilities, mind you. Though perhaps I’d come up with some of the same content, too.) I’d give you a name, but it’s a bit too long for me to bother typing.


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