Jason Takes Manhattan

Halloween was so damn cold ’round these parts that very few kids actually ventured out to collect their $4 of candy. I don’t blame them for deciding to avoid hypothermia; every time Marin did open the front door, a blast of outside air would chill me to the bone—and I was sitting in the living room, a respectable ways from the door.

Marin and I spent the evening (in between sporadic doorbells) watching Halloween 5…one of the few Halloween movies I haven’t seen. It was pretty darn bad, actually; there were a few points where you jumped, but otherwise it was pretty dull. Halloween 4 was much better, though still not that scary.

At 8:00, Marin grabbed the remote and switched to the one show she’ll watch every week: Joan of Arcadia. After that, I channel surfed, only to find a Friday the 13th movie: Jason Takes Manhattan. Somehow I’ve always seen the exact same five minutes of that movie: Jason is somehow revived by an electrical surge down a boat’s anchor, and stomps around that boat. By that time I get bored and change the channel. This time, Marin noticed something I had never seen before: the curtains in the boat’s bedroom are the exact same curtains I have in my room.

Remember, guys, it’s always bad form to spook the gal you were just romantically entangled with by putting on a hockey mask and pretending to be Jason. It’s even worse to then become romantically entangled again—because that keeps you from noticing the real Jason standing in the doorway with a spear gun.

After the curtain revelation, we gave up on the trick or treaters and migrated downstairs to watch two episodes of Witch Hunter Robin. Interesting show; if it progresses beyond an episodic structure, it could be quite good.


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