Sleep Banzai!

Well, today was productive. I went to tax class, did a little ballroom dance, and then acted as a grader for my scanning-replacement’s scanning. Woot.

Got the first Kenshin manga today; it’s fun stuff! Viz seems to have done a nice job with everything but the cover itself.

This evening I disposed of an evil Maester of Yevon (though his buddies carried away his carcass before I could kick it, so I suspect he might make a dramatic reappearance in even-stronger form later) and am now wandering around in a desert. [Yes, I’m talking Final Fantasy X.] A desert where, thanks to a surprise attack by some fairly powerful enemies, I saw my first “Game Over” screen. Dammit.

As I rose to turn the bleeping bleeping game off, I noticed that my right knee is still sore/stiff/what-have-you. Dance class doesn’t seem to have done me any favors, this week.

Tomorrow I just go through some note-taking motions, and I can rejoice in a four-day weekend! Alas, I do have some papers to write and other things to attend to…so it won’t be all fun and games. It will definitely involve sleep, though. Lots of sleep.

I have become a big fan of sleep.


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