Christmas Eve Eve

Time is running out for the acquisition of gifts, and I’ve begun to start sweating a bit. Looks like I’m gunning for a morning foray into the wilderness that is Christmas Eve Shopping. Of course, that assumes I get to bed at a reasonable hour (“an hour and a half ago”), and I haven’t even DDRed yet.

Plus, since Brian and Miwa are almost destined to visit my basement in the coming week, I need to get on the stick with my dust rag and vacuum. It’s been a long time since people (other than Eric, that is) have been downstairs. Not surprisingly, it has also been a long time since the basement was thoroughly cleaned—it’s never overly dirty or messy (I do have my standards), but it could definitely be better.

Work has been pretty quiet, on the whole. I go in each day and scan paper for six (or so) hours straight. I’m now caught up through the fourth of December…meaning I’m in the final stretch, since we only generate batches on weekdays.

But, yeah, dull. Brian and Miwa visiting should kick up the excitement a few notches, and then seeing Tiffany and Tyler on Saturday should add additional fuel to the fire.

For now, though, I’ll keep playing the Uchu no Stellvia opening (you might want to check out Ambient Irony, either as a blog or—temporarily—a source of a few openings, including the Stellvia one) while I debate picking up angela’s first CD. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve heard of their work.


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