Three down

To specifically list those down: MTH 440, BA 352, and me. I got a total of three hours of sleep after doing my damndest not to just give up on the 440 paper. I then got up and took my final for Organizational Behavior, where I pulled some crazy talk out of an alternative-dimension brain and tried to incorporate personal “honor” (a better word, I now realize, might have been integrity) into my own homespun theory of leadership.

Whether or not my professor will think I was smoking something when I wrote that is irrelevant, though, because (as it turns out, now that I know the rest of my grade in the class) I really only need something around a 40% on this test.

Now if I could just say that about my non-math math paper. I’m going to have to adopt a wait-and-see attitude with that one.

After the exam I had a surprising amount of energy for having had so little sleep, so I wandered in to work and scanned like a mofo.

Two more finals to go. Two more. Dammit.


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