Maybe having a two-hour salsa class on Fridays isn’t such a hot idea. My 8:00 am class, combined with my insistence on being nocturnal, takes everything out of me during the week… and then I get to move around for two hours straight. I was lucky to make it to work today, and I only managed to make it there relatively late.

I was so tired last night, when I was trying to write up my math homework, that I saw that there were some special cases that I needed to address—and I didn’t care. [I should give props to my professor, though. The homework was actually quite cleverly constructed—much moreso than most other assignments I’ve had.] Of course, the first question asked of us today after we turned our homework in was, “did you all cover the special cases?” To which I said “ha.” (No, no… I really kept my mouth shut. I’m getting extremely lazy, but I’m not that dumb.)

Oh, and I thought about the reason I maintain a blog some more. I suppose a primary reason I keep updating this thing is that my memory is so bad that I eventually forget much of what gives my life its flavor (“bland”), so this acts as some sort of log of events, for me. Making it available to others is pretty much out of whimsy. Having a few people checking in from time to time does give me more incentive to update, though—much moreso than I would if left to my own devices. (I’m forced to recognize this, as I once tried maintaining a journal without outside intervention. It lasted maybe a month, and only got updated about seven times… not even close to the 3/4 of a year this blog has lasted.) So you might say that you all serve as the English teacher checking in on my work from time to time.

Of course, an English teacher would probably have a heart attack over my spelling and grammar (hell, Brian frequently does—thanks, B! I hate those mistakes, but I’m just too lazy to reread what I’ve just typed most of the time….), and wouldn’t think too highly of the content of these posts, either. I suppose I’ve traded a bit of quality for quantity.

Update: No. No, I did not trade quality for quantity. Gawd, no. I had a few pieces in my journal that were mildly insightful, and one that was almost poetic—though, perhaps, didn’t actually make sense. None of it was up to the overall quality of, say, my sly reference to Final Fantasy II from last June. (Yes—sad, but true.)


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