Either I just made myself a whole lot of fans very quickly, or else somebody has been reloading my blog page to see all the pretty (old) pictures. Ah well; that’s the easiest hundred hits I’m likely to make in two days.

Eric’s gone to the trouble of making my javascript code more abstract, and therefore easier to update. The downside, as is usual with making things easier, is that the code is a bit larger than my highly efficient (cough) code. I appreciate my sanity at the end of the day, though, so I’ll gladly adopt Eric’s code. Thanks, Eric! (Incidentally, in the process of adapting Eric’s code, I made several changes to the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript of the page…let me know if I’ve broken something. Please!)

Today was my first day of class! My first class of the term (and only class of the day), sadly enough, was Latin I—as in the dance, not the language. I recognized two faces outside of the instructor: Robin, a gal from Ballroom III, and Kristi, who has already decided to drop the class because she already knows the dances we’re covering. Heck, even I already know cha-cha and rhumba; I’m there for the merengue and salsa. Erm…though I am taking a salsa class, too. Ah well. Credit’s a credit, and practice is practice. All we got through today was the syllabus and a little bit of practice trying to recognize the beats of the various dances.

Ran into Renee and Bryan in the Commons, where I learned that my 8:00 am math class is cancelled tomorrow. Boo yah; I can sleep in late! The Guy Sitting at the Table Next to Renee had a laptop and was watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force. This attracted Renee’s attention—she didn’t know that ATHF existed—and eventually the GSTNR and I had a mini-conversation about the show. When he mentioned the mooninites, it was all I could do to keep myself from quoting them—namely, their one quote that sticks in my head: this pornography is infinitely excellent!

I had to leave quickly thereafter, to save Renee and Bryan from myself.


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