Thanks to having to move data to DVD at work, I had very little I could do yesterday. I elected instead to go pick up books for the upcoming term, and hope that I’d beat the college-kid crowd. I basically did, which was good; Mom and Dad report that the college kids (and, namely, their bad driving) are back in full force today.

After picking up my books, in what seems to be becoming a tradition, I ran into John. Had another enjoyable chat with him; he noted that Katie is heading to Tanzania (?!?) on the sixth. I told him I’d call him in the next few days, and—dammit, for once—I will.

Today was rather nondescript. I had difficulty maintaining my body heat, which meant that I bundled up to an extreme (for me, at least)…otherwise, not much to note. Finished off Descendents of Darkness (note to self: if you tell yourself that you can’t die now, and then laugh maniacally, you can survive any injury) this evening, and then checked out Last Exile. Looks quite pretty, and seems as if it might actually have some sort of plot, too—an unusual development for a Gonzo series, it seems.

Weather was rather bland today, but promises to get interesting again by tomorrow evening. My first day of school supposedly will feature a high and low of 27 and 26 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively, along with snow and freezing rain. (It’s interesting to see the various weatherpeople actually all agree on a forecast, for once.) I’d say there’s a non-zero chance that my first day of school will actually be Tuesday, which will feature only my Latin dance class. Boo yah, if that happens. Update: now the Weather Channel is saying that’ll all pass us by. I hate weather forecasters.

Oh, yes. True to my prediction, Brian’s gift arrived on Friday. Sigh.


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