Snow 2: Revenge of Snow

Another system, unexpected by the weather forecasters even yesterday, dropped another inch or two of snow today—just when the streets had become nice and clear again.

And, in a completely unrelated matter that will tie together in a moment, it seems that my office’s document server is three-quarters full. I need a tenth of the server to be able to move data to DVD, and the server itself needs some space to run itself…meaning that Priority One at work is getting data to DVD. So I staggered into work (relatively) early this morning to get the server grinding away at files (there’s an elaborate process I have to go through to get data to DVD—and then snuck home before the snow got too deep. [At the time, you might note, I didn’t know that it would only be an inch or two of snow; the radio warned of up to four inches falling by noon.]

The afternoon was spent watching three-quarters of Descendents of Darkness, a show about shinigami that go around and…do stuff. Like solve crimes and experience angst about their past. As you might have guessed, this is shounen-ai at its finest.

No, it wasn’t my pick. No, it’s not awful—so long as you can get past the fact that there are guys blushing at guys. (Mind you, I don’t find anything wrong with that—it’s just not my thing.) Yes, I am starting to lean towards Mahoromatic for the next series we watch.

In other news, Brian left one of his CDs in my computer after he finished creating his mix CD. I’m at a loss as to how that happened, as (usually) the last step in creating a mix CD is to burn a blank CD…but it happened. Wonder what Brian will be willing to cough up in exchange for seeing his precious CD again—it appears to be disc two of (at least) a two-disc set, which means it’s more valuable to him than a single disc. Heh.

I suppose that just means I have one more thing to put in the box with his Christmas gift, when that gift arrives tomorrow. It’s a shame he left today.


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