Today’s Mission…Failed

They just don’t make mail-people like they used to. This snow appears to have stopped my current courier dead in his tracks.

Ah, heck. I can’t complain; that guy delivers my packages without kicking them, and I didn’t bother going to school myself today. I didn’t really get anything done today, either. Did chat some with Eric this evening, which was fun.

…and now I see that Andy is challenging Nate and me to our version of the Love Hina Trading Card game. Since we can’t read the (Japanese) directions, we just take turns drawing a few cards and trying to convince each other that our cards are superior to those of the others.

I just drew Kitsune in a towel (onsen scene; bonus points!), a trio of Naru, Shinobu, and Motoko (not trying to kill me, w00t), Mutsumi in a wedding dress (?!), and Shinobu (trying hard not to look like jailbait). Not shabby cards, though I suspect that Andy’s and Nate’s superior wordplay will send me another bitter defeat.


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