Freddy vs. Jason—place your bets!

Wow. I was only spewing rhetoric about that whole Freddy vs. Jason thing in my last post, but Eric called me on it… so tonight we watched the clash of the titans. It was obviously catering towards fans of the two series than trying to be a real horror movie, but it was still fun enough, I guess. I don’t feel totally ripped off, but that’s probably only because I expected to be ripped off going into it.

I was amusedly taken aback when the movie opened up a can of gratuitous nudity approximately three seconds into the film, and that amusement was increased threefold when I later heard, via commentary track, that the gratuitous nudity was actually demanded by a test audience. I was also amused to hear that the test audience outright rejected any ham-handed attempts the creators made to demonstrate any character depth whatsoever in the potential victims of Freddy and Jason.

I guess it’s rather hard to make endearing characters (especially when they’re destined to be cannon fodder) in a two-hour movie, though. I’ve stood witness to that technique courtesy of anime, though—it is rather devastating.

Ah well. This’ll be a memorable enough Valentine’s Day, I suppose. My favorite memory of this holiday comes from a few years back, though: hanging out in the Honors College lounge with Rachel, both of us bemoaning the fact that we were single. I was griping for fun, but I suspect Rachel was not. I suppose that’s not a very good story, but somehow I’m fond of it—I always smile when I think of it.


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