Can I buy ME a couple drinks?

You know, if I swore to protect someone, thinking it the one thing I could actually do, and then managed to kill that person in my attempt to protect… I think that’d mess me up pretty good. Just saying.

I’ve been out of it all day today. When trying to get out of Bachellor after probability class today, I totally missed the door’s pushbar and ran into the door proper. Soon after, I decided I needed some form of caffeine to keep me going, so I went to buy a Vanilla Coke from the Bexell vending machine. I bought a Diet Coke.

While it still had caffeine (thank goodness), it was completely unfulfilling.

The only good things about my school day were the conversations I had with my friends: first Renee, talking about making someone cry—”not the tears of joy, but the tears of pain”—and then Scott and others in business, pondering whether or not most guys—nay, everyone (Mandy played along, to heightened comic effect)—qualified as lesbians.

I didn’t even bother showing up at work in the afternoon, and instead slept.

And then, this evening, I received an email: Suzanne is married. The news half-stunned me, probably because the rest of today has already been pretty darn surreal.


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