I will do this using CAPITALISM

That’s an awesome title for a silly post. Of course, since it’s awesome, it’s obvious that I didn’t come up with it.

Let’s see. In the absence of real news—the only notable thing about today was how the dance instructor kept stealing my partners away to demonstrate moves, implying that I didn’t need as much practice as others (or, alternatively, that I needed to watch carefully to get half a clue about what I was supposed to do)—I’ll link to a couple flash games that I’ve been playing lately:

Warthog Launch: kill purple things by propelling a car into the air with grenades. Easier to play than it is to describe.

Grow: Brian just wants everybody to know that he beat this one.

Puyo Puyo Fever – Slots: oddly addictive slots/Dr. Mario variant.

Hey, sweet. Remake of Dawn of the Dead coming to theaters later this month. Trailer actually plays well, too. Now all I have to do is watch the original sometime.


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