Whereas I had a few skirmishes with my strategic management final over the last 24 hours, I have now engaged my enemy in full. I have taken down a little under 4/5 of the non-case-study portion of the exam, and have read the case study. It, as I figured, has been annoying and time-consuming, but not terribly difficult. Still, I have quite a ways to go before I can declare the darn thing dead.

Had my last Latin I dance class today, which started with Robin asking me to dance (there’s usually a song playing as class starts, and we’re supposed to—who would have thought?—get up and dance). Had she not asked me, I would have asked her; I’d been meaning to do so for a good chunk of the term. I actually was well on my way to doing so on Tuesday, but was intercepted by another follow en route.

Thanks to my dance instructor, I will always remember rhumba as the dance of love and flirtation. We were only told that about a thousand times over the last two days; funny stuff. I’m going to miss this class.


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