Powerfully clean

Got a new vacuum cleaner today. Moved from a (fourteen-year-old) seven amp Panasonic to a twelve amp Eureka. The carpet’s fibers are now left completely vertical once they are vacuumed; it gets things that much cleaner. I’m impressed, quite frankly.

Work today was like trying to use a baseball bat against a hummer; I made a dent, but it doesn’t look like much of one. Where my analogy breaks down is in the fact that my rear end hurts from having sat down the entire day.

Watched the first episode of Keroro Gunso; the opening and ending were absolutely hilarious. I’ll have to watch more before I can decide whether or not I like the manga to anime transition… though, I have to admit, Keroro’s voice is just about perfect.

In Real Life, there’s been little new in the local abduction case. I’m glad to see that the story’s starting to go national, as that might help.


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