Brent defeats Truman!

Yes, it’s time to get out and make all your wacky predictions about whether or not I pass the first actuarial exam. Results will be posted sometime on Friday; I’m bummed (though not surprised) that they didn’t have some little script to post the results at midnight eastern time.

In other news, writing thank-you notes is a daunting task. I mourn for the days (that I never had) when one could get away with scribbling thanks for the gift! you rock! on the back of a slightly-used napkin and then make that into a giant spit-wad that one then hucked at someone’s house.

(I may have some of those details wrong.)

Word on the street is that an exciting beach adventure may be in the cards for the weekend; that’ll be fun, if it goes through.

I read a bit of the third volume of Keroro Gunso last night, which had a hilarious story of the cast telling each other horror stories. One of the gals (the one prophesied by Nostradamus to destroy the Earth, actually) was confused, though, and her whore story went:

“So the guy’s thing was really… um… and the girl’s chest was all boing! and then…”

I nearly cried.


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