Powerbook, or DVD player?

Yesterday’s Movie Nite was interrupted by a power outage that started about three minutes into our movie. (This week’s pick was Empire; I’ll be daring and say it was OK.) The outage lasted about 45 minutes, during which I drafted my Powerbook to play episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force (I’m glad its battery was charged!). That went over well, until we watched the “Dumber Dolls” episode. This featured Happy Time Harry (with Action Bills!), who is quite possibly the most depressing doll in the world (search for “Harry” to find relevant quotes). The power returned to save us from that funk, and so we watched the remaining 97 minutes of Empire. Incidentally, everybody in the film apparently felt that it was an important step towards legitimacy for Latino films, or somesuch. Weird.

The other Movie Nite-related discovery was of a package of generic peanut-butter cookies that taste almost exactly like Nutter Butters. I have a weakness towards Nutter Butters (though that weakness disappears for a while after I’ve had some—quite unlike my weakness for jerky), so this discovery was quite impressive to me. (As Eric correctly stated: “the market just became more efficient.”)

Today I poked around the stats of my pages, and was surprised to see how many people have bothered to look at my long-neglected ⁄⁄anime page. (I now understand the web design principle—learned long after I erred—of not providing links to pages that aren’t finished.) In the hope that it’ll spur further action on my part (and in continued violation of that design principle), I’ve now dusted off my layout for the main anime page and posted it. Please note that there aren’t any reviews yet (just a little background information)… those will, with any luck, follow.

I’ve historically been painfully slow at writing essays (which is one way of thinking of a review), and they’ve never been all that fun to write. My hope is that I’ll find a way to make writing reviews fun for me—after all, there’s no need to be formal about them—and that those reviews will consequently be at least mildly entertaining to you.

And, to finish things off, here’s a random link: one-legged DDR (link seen on Lafiel’s Journal). I was impressed.


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