Next stop: hallucinations

Thanks to Tim from Lebanon, I once again am in possession of my lost disc golf disc. (Needless to say, Tim rocks!) This apparently marks, in Brian’s knowledge, the first successful callback from a lost disc.

Thanks to my unending foolishness, I was so tired that my mind was lagging about ten minutes behind the rest of the world—an experience not unlike F-Zero’s unwillingness to draw obstacles (say, clown dividers) until far too late for you to do anything about them. Today I tried working a half-day in the morning, followed by a half-day of reading textbooks in preparation for my next exams; I got the half-day of work done right. My Principles of Corporate Finance text looks remarkably readable… judging by its first two pages.


I’ll try again tomorrow, but I think I’m going to have to study in the mornings and work in the afternoons—something about work just makes me tired. And I’m at least three times as easy to distract when I’m tired—and it’s normally pretty darn easy to distract me from study when there isn’t an exam imminent.


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