…need some wood?

Hahaha. Why yes, sailor, I do!

I’ve recently discovered that there exists a male version of The Boy is Mine, entitled Do Ya. (iTMS links for Sarah, who seems to have just discovered the fun that is iTunes.) I can’t say that the song is actually any good—then again, I never much cared for the female variant either—but it does have a catchy west coast swing beat. And, much like the medical student who sees the disease he or she is studying in every patient, I’m hearing WCS beats in almost everything I’ve been listening to.

Too bad I only know three WCS moves right now. Granted, they are three awesome WCS moves, but still—three moves do not a four-minute dance make. As tomorrow is the first ballroom dance of the term, I suppose I’ll (sadly) be sitting on the sidelines for any WCS songs. But, damn, that beat!


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