The One True Brent

I’ve finally met* a real, actual Brent. At a party on Saturday. (Both that I met a second Brent, and that I was at a party, should stun you.) Contrary to earlier hypotheses, our meeting—despite the fact that this Brent was indeed blonde and appeared self-confident** (i.e. was, in fact, the anti-Brent)—did not result in the immediate end of the world. It was a bit odd to refer to someone with my name; though not the most rare of names, there aren’t too many Brents in the world. (I’ve known a few Bretts, though, and our names sound similar enough to cause confusion when we weren’t listening too well.)

[*To avoid arguments, I define “meet” in such a way as to preclude the possibility you ever “meet” yourself. Unless there’s some horrible accident with a mirror, or you happen to remove the mystic Four Sword from its resting place.]

[**I don’t generally appear self-confident, even when I actually am. So the anti-Brent is “anti” inasmuch as he appears self-confident; I cannot actually speak to his actual confidence.]

I quickly stepped up and defined myself to be the One True Brent (completely ignoring that this other Brent appeared to be older than I am); the resulting method to distinguish between the two of us was to refer to us as True Brent and False Brent. Not satisfied with this rather harsh-sounding distinction, Crystal attempted to classify us by the dance classes she was taking with us; I was Swing Brent, and the False Brent was Salsa Brent. That distinction was rather unsatisfactory, though, as Swing Brent can also salsa.

Right. On Thursday I finally got my LCD monitor back from the service center, complete with new innards. My arch-nemesis, the white line, is now gone… and I can finally rest in peace. I really do like this monitor. (Of course, moving back to the G5 was pretty nice as well.)

Eric, Brian and I headed to the theater on Friday evening to catch the local opening of Shaun of the Dead. That is one damn fine movie. It’s not even a parody of the zombie genre; it really is a comedy/horror crossover (though admittedly lighter on the horror), and it actually works. Even if you don’t like horror, you have a good chance of liking SotD. I’d actually avoid previews of the movie, if you can (and have); some of the funnier moments of the movie would be even moreso if they were totally unexpected.

Of more note than the movie, though, was how dead quiet the Regal theater was. Despite being 7:30 pm on a Friday night, they only seemed to have three or four people working; there were a total of nine people (including my group) watching SotD. I think the new Carmike theater has really put the hurt on Regal… dunno how much longer it’s going to last, if that’s the case.

Saturday was the day of the party; more on that in a later post…. Today was the day of recovery (from both the party, and the aching joints I’ve suffered from excessive dancing), as well as the day of hitting Toys R Us for their Buy 2, Get 1 Free video-game sale. (Props to BuzzJive for an early heads up; I would have been horribly unprepared had I not been warned.) So, uh, yeah… I used to be good at video games. Now I’m rediscovering the burn of Nintendo hard thanks to a copy of the Mega Man Anniversary Collection I picked up. I remember that Mega Man 2 being both lots of fun and rather easy; I now find Mega Man 2 to be harsh and unforgiving. I can’t even make it to Air Man right now. (sob)


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