Clutching at threads

I seem to be off of my game in life, as of late. My ability to manage my time is nonexistent, and consequently everything suffers—most notably for you all, my blog languishes. The worst thing about not having time-management skills is that you eventually become painfully aware of the time you piss away. If the feeling that you’re losing your opportunity to do something kickass is like a dagger in your side, then the knowledge that you are knowingly pissing away your time is that little extra twist of the blade.

As usual, I pin the blame squarely on lack of sleep. Why expend energy doing something nifty, when you can stare slack-jawed at the Ars Technica forums? (That was my crime earlier this evening, FWIW.)

A quick run-down of events of late, that I may try to catch up on sleep: ate Japanese food with Eric and Brian on Friday evening, followed by a trip to the almost-barren Heritage Mall. There I noticed a portrait of Young Elvis, which intrigued me such that I repeatedly mentioned it throughout the rest of the evening; I should buy that and hang it over my bed or something. (The true cause of my interest: who in the world needs a portrait of a young Elvis hanging in their home?) We ended the evening by crashing Kevin and Nate’s place, as Andy and Nick had elected to make a rare C-town appearance. That devolved into watching Ali G Indahouse (memorable pseudo-quote: “Is it true that you drugged the leaders of the world?”), followed by Drawn Together, the “first animated reality show” that truly deserved its “MA” rating. It’s also hilarious.

Saturday I was going to take a nap, but I…er…did something during the day, and then got a call requesting that I pick Kevin and his girlfriend (who had an injured foot) up from the Civil War game—this became a second evening spent over at Nate and Kevin’s. Though Nick had returned north, Neil had arrived to take his place… We were awed by the folks living across the street from Nate’s porch, where the guys apparently found it hilarious to urinate off the back of their porch. They then tried to engage Neil in a swearing contest; anyone who knows Neil should find that concept hilarious, as there’s nobody on Earth who can swear more than Neil.

The idea of Neil using his cop-knock was also brought up, but never implemented. That was probably for the best, as those other guys were pretty darn drunk.

Today: I raked leaves. Yay. And ow. Mostly ow.


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