Shocking revelations

Tonight I was informed, by various follows, of the following facts:

That I lead better than a coat

That I am “f-ing awesome” (I’m not censoring that statement)

That I have great hair (?)

And those are just the comments I remember off of the top of my head. I especially take pride in the “lead better than a coat” comment (though it was given in a backhanded sort of way), as those damn coats have been showing me up for the longest time. (And, no, I don’t have great hair; if anything, I have “lazy man did a half-assed job using goop to smooth it down” hair.)

Outside of dance, things just continue to plod on as always. I’ve been bitten by the creative bug once again, but (as usual) my ways of creating are rather limited; right now I have half a mind to redesign my blog layout. I wouldn’t bet on any changes—odds are that I’ll burn out before crafting something worthy (and, besides, my //anime page is still horribly neglected)—but the possibility now exists.


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