New Year’s cleaning

So, tell me: if I’m having trouble fitting all my stuff (not just Christmas loot, though that certainly doesn’t help) in my 12′ by 12′ room, is the room too small or do I have too much stuff?

I figure it’s about time to do my annual cleaning and clean-out of my room (just in time for the new year!), but I’ve been disheartened by looking around. I have a whole bunch of math texts populating my bookcase, and some can undoubtedly be removed—but which ones might be useful in the future? (Keep in mind that actuaries actually do math as part of their job; I’m not just clinging onto old textbooks for absolutely no reason.) How can I possibly fit the piles of books on my desk into my already-full bookcases?

Perhaps most importantly: how can I ever hope to win against an army of dust-bunnies that make the armies of Troy pale in comparison? (Those aren’t good odds, if you’re the man with the can of Pledge in your hands.) Cleaning this small room is going to be a major PITA—which is exactly why I’ve kept putting it off.


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