A conversation

The following is the gist of a five-minute conversation that I took part in before the start of my lindy hop class today. Other participants were Jon (Renee’s friend, and thus my friend) and Sam (a girl!*). I’ve elected to enumerate the conversation’s progression, though my divisions are rather arbitrary.

[* No, I’m not bragging about having talked to a girl. Sam’s gender might be confused by her name and her comments, is all.]

1) Talk of the superbowl. Amazement from both Sam & Jon that Brent didn’t care, and didn’t watch.

2) The half-time show being Paul McCartney. (Tangentially: the idea of Justin Timberlake running out randomly and causing a wardrobe malfunction for the second year running.)

3) Jon: which of the remaining Beatles do you think will live the longest? Brent: eh? Sam: whichever one does more drugs. When pressed for an explanation: It seems like there are all sorts of people who really shouldn’t be alive right now. Like Ozzy Osbourne.

4) Brent: but there’s also Elvis and Marilyn Monroe, on the other side. Jon: Elvis is still alive!

5) Brent: …yeah. He’s busy fighting a mummy in a retirement home right now. (Brent then tries to remember the name of the movie he’s referencing, as it eludes him at that moment.) Brent & Sam: Bubba Ho-tep! Jon: huh?

6) Discussion about Bruce Campbell. Jon is unaware of this legendary B-grade horror movie actor, so Sam and Brent try to fill him in.

7) Army of Darkness. Sam’s seen it twice, and though she hated it the first time, she loved it the second. (One’s enjoyment of that movie depends on one’s mood, she asserts.) Brent confesses that he’s only seen the first Evil Dead movie, but…

8) Sam: the tree rape scene? Brent: yeah. Jon: WTF? Tree’s don’t even have the necessary… Sam & Brent: don’t ask.

Yeah, so I’ve finally met a gal who dances and watches horror movies (and seems nice, too). I should have proposed to her on the spot, but class started soon after.


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