Abandon ship!

Yesterday I had a series of breakthroughs in the implementation of AWStats on my new server… which allows me to decide, on the spur of the moment, that tonight is the night I’m going to switch this site over to my new hosting provider, TextDrive. (I have no complaints about my old provider, Total Choice Hosting, either—I just got a deal that couldn’t be beat with TextDrive.) I certainly hope I’ve made all the proper preparations, ’cause there’s no real going back. So, if you experience any oddities here, write it off to the switchover.

Tonight’s probably not the best night to send me email, either. (Hopefully I’ve jury-rigged something that’ll work in the interim, but there’s no guaranteeing that my web-fu is really any good.)

While I’m busy pulling my hair out, entertain yourselves by watching GTA: Lego City. Good stuff.


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