Odd prank

Someone left two (!) messages on my work phone late Friday evening. The first was about 40 seconds long; the second about 50 seconds.

The content of the messages? Pure, unadulterated, swearing. An extremely angry woman cussing her boyfriend (or husband) out something fierce. The idea of the first message was the she was going to get her f-bomb-ing money back one way or another; the second was berating the guy for lying about the gal being pretty, or something.

Now, I might have pissed gals off here and there. Regardless: my biggest crime, as far as I am aware, has been that of inaction.

At the end of the day Eric also mentioned getting a message from an angry gal late Friday. Not everyone got one, though, so it’s not as if “she” just ran through every extension.

Anyway, I figure it must be a prank. Our phone system answers with a nice corporate message after-hours, and our phones have customized messages that tell the caller our name. And even if her (in)significant other is named Brent, then he certainly isn’t also named Eric.

If it wasn’t a prank… um… somebody was pretty damn drunk fairly early on Friday night.


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