Programming postmortem

Well, I think my first round with Access programming is now over. (If I jinx myself by saying that, I’m going to cry.) I’m actually rather proud of what I was able to create: my databases do a good bit of work with a few clicks of the mouse. Earlier prototypes required the user to follow a long list of menial actions, and exposed the dark underbelly of the databases; my latest (and hopefully final) versions pretty much take care of themselves, and have a nice candy coating that obscures all the nastiness inside.

I’m also impressed by Microsoft Office’s VBA scriptability: while the implementation of the language is frustratingly different across the applications, the things you can get done by scripting Word, Excel, and Access are pretty darn amazing.

While I’ve put the initial phase of this project behind me (yes, I have more days of fiddling with Access in my future), the sleep deprivation that has been associated with my work is most definitely still with me. (I’ve been coding at home, after working during the day… which can be rather brutal.) I overcame my desire to sleep in order to attend the Wednesday Night (Dance) Practice—where Jenny still calls me her genius—but my ability to think was severely limited.

Why I decided to stay up afterwards to continue preparations to move this site to its final resting host (more on that when it’s closer to happening) is beyond me.

Oh, right. Severely limited.


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