Fantasy time

I’ve become quite disillusioned with my office, as of late. Actually, it’s less that my disillusionment has increased and more that my ability to hold my tongue has been compromised. We’ve officially surpassed ludicrous speed, and many of my coworkers are ready to crack. One—the one I would say has the best overall picture of how the office works, who does what, and where things go—gave her notice last week. It’s a huge blow to the office, IMO, but things are so out of whack that I doubt most of management will see it that way.

Enough talk about a topic that gets me easily riled up, though. I have a theory on—nay, a solution for—how businesses can avoid creating such disillusioned employees. This revolutionary idea would also reduce overall workplace stress, and help businesses keep their priorities straight.

Once a quarter (say), management should line themselves up in a row. Their employees then walk past, and have the opportunity to either kick their bosses in the junk, or not.

(This may be more effective with male managers than female ones, I admit.)

How many managers would continue to be asslike, if they knew that it’d give them The Big Pain in the near future?


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