Hot sex

I’ve just realized that I can play a movie full-screen on one of my computer’s monitors—while working on the other. I’ve just started watching Dawn of the Dead—and, damn, I just totally forgot about the extended intro sequence. Wow.

(Can you tell that I have this Valentine’s Day thing down cold?)

Nick used Neil’s birthday as an excuse to throw a small party last weekend, which was thoroughly entertaining. All the important people—save Kevin and, of course, Eric—were there. The Olympics made for decent background noise, while conversation ranged from the amusing to the horribly, horribly wrong. Brian, Andy and I continued our quest to find a cheap sake comparable to the variety that Proprietor-san served us in Japan; the evening’s attempt was SakéOne’s Momokawa Diamond, and was our closest hit yet.

The Sunday follow-up was a game of Puerto Rico at Andy’s; I found the game more accessible than I expected it to be, and a good bit of fun.

Phoebe, the gal who works behind the counter at 7-Eleven, today wished everyone a Happy Single’s Awareness Day. (She also mentioned her friend who had sent her a care package of chocolate and “movies where lots of people died.”) I had completely forgotten it was Valentine’s Day up to that point; that wasn’t the worst way to be reminded.

Still, my favorite VD (and unicrons!) memory remains that of griping with Rachel in the UHC basement: me griping for fun, she not so much. Good times.


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