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I’ve found that my RSS reader actually lets me keep up with more sites than I could manually, and do so in less time. The downside is that I start associating links (not so much news…yet) I find with NetNewsWire, and not with the actual site that the link came from.

Anyhoo, some random site on my list of feeds linked to an article on Game Set Watch, which was about the “world’s smallest website,” guimp, featuring many flash-based retro-game experiences (Pong, Pac-Man, etc.) in an 18×18 pixel screen. The games are actually playable (though, of course, reduced—e.g. Pac-Man features only one ghost), though I find them a bit hard on my no-longer-spring-chicken eyes.

Definitely worth a play, though.

As I already emailed Brian (yes, I’m being horribly lazy and copy-and-pasting the bulk of my email): The gals in my office are getting all giggly and are planning to do elementary-school-style valentines for everyone on the 14th. I’m not going to participate, but if I did… I’d be sorely tempted to print these cards out and use ’em.

Best Photoshop Phriday in a while, IMO.


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