Just a few more days…

I’m more or less moved in to my new place, but getting internet access has been a major PITA. Surprisingly, most of that hasn’t been Comcast’s fault (in fact, Comcast has been the most pleasant company to deal with); most of the pain lies at the feet of Circuit City’s broken “sign up for internet through us” website. (If you want in on those types of deals, do the deed in-store! Learn from my pain!)

Long story short, I signed up for internet service—but then got cut off at the knees when I tried to order my (free after rebate!) self-install kit and modem. Without the service activation happening on the same order as the purchase of the modem et. al., I wouldn’t get my rebates—so no free stuff for me. Perhaps more importantly, no bloody internet (not even an unrestricted wireless router!) for all of this last week—and multiple hours wasted either on the phone or in repeated trips to the closest Circuit City (just under an hour-long drive). Gya.

I anticipate rejoining the modern age on a permanent basis sometime Monday, when my not-free-but-at-least-cheap cable modem arrives from NewEgg.

So, for now, I stop at my parent’s house and use their bandwidth every once in a while. There’s nothing quite like checking my email and loading as many web pages as I can for later perusal.


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