Civic duty: upheld

I stand with GreyDuck, inasmuch as I have voted. Actually, I stand apart from him: I’ve already turned my ballot in.

Now if only people would stop calling my cell phone with those fscking taped messages.

Incidentally, to those people who keep running ads: I don’t care if a certain measure was funded by outside interests, or one guy* (optionally with deep pockets), or a pack of nuns. If the measure makes sense to me, I’ll vote for it; if it doesn’t, I won’t. Simple, really.

[*I make an exception for Bill Sizemore’s measures. Most of Oregon seems to, as well.]

Also, I appreciate TV advertisements that don’t somehow contain gigantic logical holes within their thirty-second confines. Thinking about this measure cured my ol’ gout, so you should vote for it! Riiight.

And if you’re going to start slinging mud, make sure everybody gets in on it. Darlene Hooley and Mike Erickson are a beacon to us all, in this regard: I’m pretty sure one of them is a devil-worshipping baby-eater, but I can’t remember which one it is.

Can it be Wednesday already?


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