Impending voter fraud

Well, the midterm election is less than a week away. I don’t really have much stake in this one—being sick of both major parties will do that to you—but I’m still on edge about it. The reason? voter fraud. Not old-school thousands of dead people vote fraud (though I of course have a problem with that, too), but newfangled technology-enabled fraud—some of it potentially undetectable. Ever.

There have already been issues. I mean, I know how to hack a Diebold electronic voting machine; I know how to vote multiple times on a Diebold optical voting machine; I know how to vote as many times as I want on any Sequoia electronic voting machine.

I don’t even live in a state where I could use that knowledge. [Even if I did, one vote is plenty for me.] But people are going to be voting on those machines in less than a week. Holy shit.

I may not agree with half the country on any specific issue, but I hope to heck that I agree with damn near everyone that this is unacceptable. Diebold and co. deserve to be dragged out in the street and shot.


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