End radio silence

This sort of break from blogging is exactly why I didn’t join NaBloPoMo. Had I been forced to write something every day during this break, my entries would look something like:


14 November: GYAAAAAA

15 November: MY EYES!!!


17 November: I’ve been looking things over, and if I hemorrhaged blood like I think I am hemorrhaging money… I’d be dead.

18 November: zzz


…And so on…

I do appreciate the idea of NaBloPoMo—after all, I did start this thing to note things for the benefit of my future self (and I already have enjoyed looking back on what I’ve written in the past)—but I really needed to get my affairs in order. The mess that was my desk was a constant thorn in the side of my psyche, my apartment was once again falling into shambles, and I was horribly short sleep (entirely my fault). But those things are mostly dealt with now, and I feel a lot better about life.

Of course, there was some fun to be had as well; I’ll get to that in a bit.


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