For my first act of the new year…

I betrayed my friends! Mwa ha ha ha!

I was supposed to head up to Portland for New Year’s. Lots of people going to be there. Big party.

Problem was, I’m not a big-party sort of person. It’s not that I don’t have any fun in big parties—I just don’t have a whole lot of fun. I get a heck of a lot more enjoyment from various next-day activities that are generally limited to the people who I really know. Also, the party was being hosted by people I’m not terribly familiar/comfortable with (arguably because I’ve not attended parties hosted by them).

Also, I was invited to this other in-town party—consisting of some friends from dance—that was much smaller. The proposed agenda consisted of board games, movies, and fireworks at midnight. Things much more my speed, in other words.

And I did have a good time. We played Apples to Apples, lit fireworks, and watched Death to Smoochy. Janis, her housemate (whose name I’ve already forgotten, in a classic Brent move), and I were in the running for biggest Apples to Apples loser for most of the game, until I pulled out a single victory near the end to pull ahead. Other people were cleaning house so bad it hurt.

I’m sad to say that I never pulled out a kick-ass play during the game. My glory move remains having played General George S. Patton for the adjective feminine—and winning.

Earlier in the evening I was playing a game of Snowcraft. The point of the game is to have your team win snowball fights—thing is, the first time you knock a kid down he’ll eventually get back up. Marin saw me at the end of a fight, where I just knocked down my last opponent for the first time. In a moment of weakness I actually spoke to the kid who I had just knocked down. Or, rather, I snarled at him: get up! (I finished him off immediately once he recovered, of course.) Marin died from laughing at me for that.


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