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There was a long period of time—starting after The X-Files went downhill—where I’d barely watch TV. Maybe I’d stop and watch a random Law & Order or CSI with Dad, but there wasn’t anything that I’d actually make a point to watch.

Times have changed.

I don’t watch the umpteen hours that the average person watches, but I do have some favored shows:

First, House. Brilliant antisocial maverick doctor. I once overheard my coworkers discussing the show, commenting on how mean House had been. I prefer the term awesome.

Second, NCIS. Wisecracking investigators is a solid combination in my book, and I’m a fan of Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Third, 24. I only started watching last season (the fifth!), but it was easy to see why people got hooked. One of the reasons I enjoy anime is the opportunity that thirteen or twenty-six episodes provides to tell a coherent story—you just can’t do anything similar in a two-hour movie, and TV back in the day consisted almost entirely of sitcoms. 24 was one of the first shows to change that—I was just slow to notice.

Fourth, Heroes. Holy smokes. Hot damn. Wow. It’s got characters, story, direction, and just grabbed me from the season premiere and hasn’t let go. I have a soft spot for Hiro (he had me at the Keroro Gunsou bobblehead figure on his desk); Masi Oka has done a hell of a job making his Japanese goofball character lovable.

[What kind of role models do I have?]

Fifth, The Amazing Race. Phil Keoghan is an amiable host, and the editing of the race is top-notch. The show is at its best when it lets you see parts of the world you might not otherwise see; it’s at its worst when it plays on the teams’ various fears for the sake of drama. The sightseeing usually wins. Usually.

Other shows I watch, but wouldn’t cry about missing (unlike the above), include How I Met Your Mother (mostly for Neil Patrick Harris, but also Alyson Hannigan) and The Class (mostly to see how the concept of “eight elementary school classmates reunite” can be sustained an entire season). I enjoy watching Ugly Betty and/or My Name is Earl, but haven’t made a habit of ’em. I’d watch Jericho, but it airs on Wednesday nights during (gasp!) dance practice.

Yes, it’s true. I don’t actually watch E!, even though I claim it’s the most entertaining channel I get with basic cable.


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