Brent casts LIFE1 on his blog. Brent is a piss-poor mage.

Still not dead, but holy crap is my life in shambles. Tomorrow I am to attend a bachelor party for my friend Myles, which will cost me most of my weekend. Weekends appear to be the only times I have to fight the growing chaos. Growing chaos will win. QED.

The fourth and final reason why I’ve been neglecting this blog is also the most substantial of the bunch: I bought a house. Finding the house (though my sister and mom did most of that work), closing on the house, buying a washer and dryer and fridge for the house, cleaning and moving my stuff into the house, transferring and setting up all the appropriate services to the house… that’s all been done. It’s been an exhausting couple months, really.

Brian’s landlady, Wendy, informed me that I am now a landed gentleman. I suppose I technically am, though it’s not much land and I’m not much of a gentleman.

There’s still miles to go, though. Having my stuff in the house doesn’t mean that I have it put away. I now have to sweat the hordes of weeds that are overtaking my yard. Most troubling is the fact that my finances are in shambles from the move; they certainly can’t stay that way for much longer.

I did finally change my desktop picture to something summery, though. I have ambitions of doing the same for the sidebar pictures in this blog. (I had ambitions to do the same last summer, too. *cough*) As things settle down and I start to regain balance in my life, this blog should start picking up as well.

It certainly is summer here, though. Shorts have been broken out, and the college kids have all left for home. While I mourn the departure of the (ever-younger) college gals, I really do love the peaceful quiet that fills their void.


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  1. GreyDuck says:

    Oooo, peace and quiet. I miss that. There are gradeschool kids in my neighborhood, so summer means that they’re skateboarding and playing basketball and generally roughhousing all day long instead of just during the evenings. Le sigh.
    Home ownership = scary, man. Good luck!


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