Amazon MP3 Store After-Action Report

So Amazon announced a “beta” (ha) of its new Digital Music Store, which looks to be the first honest-to-goodness competitor for Apple’s iTunes Music Store. DRM-free, 256 kbps (LAME-encoded, rumor has it) MP3 files for 89 or 99 cents—nice!

I still prefer to buy CDs on sale, because they’ll never give me buyer’s remorse due to encoding bitrates or DRM/legalese (and there is a bit of legalese for Amazon’s MP3s that you should be aware of), but I’d certainly buy any one-off song I like from Amazon.

Pluses: No DRM; easy to buy; encoding sounds good (albeit, to me and my not-terribly-sensitive ears)

Minuses: Terms of service are still restrictive compared to those for a CD; did not improve my taste in music

Not sweating bullets

Nobody’s out to get me. Everything is cool. It’s normal for graffiti like this to appear on the dumpster in the next lot over:

Brent End

Right? (T_T)

Pinky the cat

Andy called me earlier today, and told me I should search YouTube for “pinkie the cat.” He said that it had him rolling on the ground, and that I would pretty much want to share that video with everyone I knew.

He was right, save for the spelling of “Pinky.”

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