Best staff meeting ever.

So The Boss finishes this meeting with a slew of horribly depressing calculations indicating how the future is going to blow chunks. As people are getting ready to break and go hang themselves, The Boss closes the internet browser window he had open (and on the projector) for part of his presentation.

Underneath is a full-screen porn popup window. A busty, completely naked, blonde is standing along the entire right edge of the screen.

Comedy ensues.


2 Responses to Tweet: Best staff meeting ever

  1. Brent says:

    Oh, and JIC you think “haha, The Boss was looking at porn,” the popup appears in his history between two pages he viewed during the meeting. I suspect a virus, personally, since he wasn’t exactly on unscrupulous sites.

  2. GreyDuck says:

    Oh, I’m figuring a drive-by malware infestation… I hate malware. (Between once and thrice per week, that’s what I’m fixing on a client’s computer…)


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