Almost-belated VD Post

Hope everyone had a happy VD + Unicrons day! It’s not quite over here on the left coast, so this post is still timely!

For a special treat this year, I’ve redesigned Donna’s VD + Unicrons page to feature responsive web design (!). I’ve also acquired a new domain for Donna’s site in the future: (!!) [lies in this thread]

VD links du jour:

Yoda one for me~

VD-Related Science: the URL pretty much spoils the article

Nintendo-boss valentines: read enough to get the gist of the article, and then read the first comment.

Stupid VD card, sister-style: classic-cartoon-valentines-day-cards-5

Stupid VD card, terrible-friend-style: vd_possum

And now you know what Valentine’s Day is like for my email.


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