The Best Juror

So I’m a grand juror.

I am among the most elite of the elite, having both had my number randomly selected for the jury pool and then randomly selected again to join the actual jury. My term is two months, meeting twice a week.

This has been hell on everything. Since jury duty began, I haven’t been working terribly reliably; I’ve failed to standardize my sleep cycle to a morning routine, so two times a week I wake up early and the rest of the time I wake up late (and I perpetually wonder why I’m exhausted); I haven’t seriously looked at my to-do list even once.

On the other hand, the experience has been very educational (sometimes in ways that I wish it were not). There is, however, the threat of perjury if I say too much, so I’ll hold off on general observations until after my term has concluded.

(Unsurprisingly, I am the pedant of the jury.)


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