I’m almost definitely sick. I started the day with a 60% chance of tossing my cookies, but fortunately that passed and I was only left with negative energy. This rare condition is when you actively drain the energy out of other living beings (kind of like being a metroid, except that more than just the ice beam and missiles are effective against you). I wonder if Eva hooked me up with this bug. (I have absolutely no proof of that, but little kids seem to infect me more successfully than any other demographic.)

This weekend I had the chance to head to California with Andy and ride some roller coasters, but being sick didn’t really fit in with the plan. When he read why I wasn’t going (this was all via email), as well as who I suspected might have done me in, he responded with “Ha ha. […] You got the SIDS.” This useful phrase (as best I can tell, originating from Something Awful) can be used for all sorts of fatal illnesses, and can frequently be found with the “the” typed out as “teh.” Example: “Ha ha. You got teh SARS.” Macabre humor is the best humor, right? [Sadly, it does get funny after you see it enough times.]

Moving on…I bet y’all haven’t realized that I actually have filler pages up for the //ANIME and //LINKS portions of this site. They snuck up earlier this week, but the lack of comments about how they suxx0r has lead me to conclude that nobody bothers to click on broken links more than once. Actually, they’re still pretty broken—especially the Links page, which I threw together literally moments before collapsing in a heap for the night.

In the hopes that you won’t chase after me for several “nothing new” updates, I’ll toss this little gem of a site at you: Flash Flash Revolution. As the name implies, it’s a Flash-based DDR that you play with your keyboard.

I can proudly say that I am oft in the 99% percentile for suckage in FFR. Go ahead. Beat that.


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