Evacuation Instructions

Instead of bringing you news about how I took all of Eric’s [fake] money yesterday in a game of pseudo-poker, I bring you this message from the Emergency Broadcast System (no, this is not a drill):

Comcast is finalizing the transition of AT&T broadband users to its own Comcast network tomorrow (Monday, June 30th). [Actually, their notices are so vague that I’m unsure if the transition will occur between the 29th and 30th, or the 30th and 1st.] I have no idea what’ll become of the AT&T web pages when they do transition, so I offer you this unattractive, yet functional, method of finding my new site (once I find out where it is):

The Magical Mystery Link

Bookmark this link, if you happen to see this page before it goes offline for good, and I’ll update it once I know what my latest URL is. Email addresses should switch from xxx@attbi.com to xxx@comcast.net, as well, although email sent to the old address is supposed to be forwarded through December 2004.

Yes, getting my own domain name would be easier than all of this. But it would also cost me money. =P


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