Hans Gruber and his friends invaded my office building today and took everybody hostage. Well, everybody but me; I was in the bathroom at the time. Though I’m not a cop, I have played Police Quest before.

So I definitely wasn’t going to fall prey to the attractive speeder’s feminine wiles.

Needless to say, they got their hands on me pretty quick as well. Boy, was I glad I had just visited the bathroom when I walked out and was staring down the barrel of a…really big gun. (I don’t know guns, OK?)

…uh, yeah. So today I worked. What made today different from yesterday? I had a sore throat. If you’ll recall from a few days ago, in a part of my summary of Andy’s move that I completely omitted, Andy’s younger brother Greg stopped by to pick up some of Andy’s stuff. He had—you got it—a sore throat and a fever. If I develop a fever, I’ll have to repay him somehow. Like death.

At work I also had the pleasure of entering a giant stack of refund checks into Quickbooks. Later I would overhear the gal who put together the checks I was entering talking about how, last night, she had been complaining to her boyfriend about all kinds of things…including how she’d “work for the day and come home feeling like [she] hadn’t accomplished anything.” For my sitcom-humor moment of the day, I poked my head over the cubicle wall and waved the multi-hundred check stack at her, chiding her that “this isn’t nothing.” [“HAHAHAHA,” the audience then said.]

Big Tip for the guys: flowers the next day are an excellent rejoinder to your gal’s spending the entire evening complaining about her life. They are not, however, a good thing from the perspective of your gal’s office productivity: I had to turn my iPod’s volume way up (I was listening to Enya at the time, so that might have been part of it) for a good half-hour to drown out all the “oohs” and “aahs.”

This evening I was surprised to learn that the Cowboy Bebop Movie, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, is coming out next Tuesday. This is a grievous oversight on my part, made even moreso because I am aware that Ground Defense Force Mao-chan is coming to R1 DVD in late October.


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