Today’s Experiment…Failed

I couldn’t fall asleep while listening to Mimiru’s Theme—it was just too darn upbeat. As Behroozi would say, damn and blast. I’ll have to try again when I’m completely exhausted.

My mood today was much improved from yesterday’s, but not completely freed from foulness. This slow return to my generally blasé self was hindered by the uneducated slack-jawed yokel who tried to sample a cherry Slurpee while I was getting a Pepsi from 7-Eleven. He tried to sample the cherry Slurpee by cupping his hand directly underneath its spout. Its high-velocity spout. Which spewed cherry Slurpee into his hand. Which redirected the cherry Slurpee to my clothing. Which took the hit and turned pink. Damn and blast, again.

At work the power cut out for a while—right when I was ready to void the ill-fated Pepsi I had bought earlier. The bathrooms at my work, like many bathrooms, have no windows whatsoever…so I was forced to devise a crude method of illuminating the toilet using the only light source I had: my iPod’s backlight. I’m not keen on repeating the experience, but it worked out well in the end. Thank goodness.

I expected my coworkers to celebrate when the power died, but they just grumbled a bit and began milling about aimlessly. It’s sad how much life has been sucked out of them.

The mailman delivered the Manga Bomb to my doorstep this afternoon, so I’m now faced with a difficult decision: do I read Marmalade Boy, Great Teacher Onizuka, or Chobits tonight? (Actually, there’s not much to decide—it’s given that Chobits comes first, followed by GTO. Marmalade Boy would easily beat out any other title than those two, but falls short here.)

This evening I went on an anime background hunt (always interesting to see what I can run across) and watched an episode of Haibane Renmei, the latest work by Yoshitoshi ABe (creator of Serial Experiments Lain). Haibane Renmei kicks ass. Heck, even Piro recommends it.

I also took a moment to step outside with my family and observe the Red Planet. Mars is currently closer to the Earth than it’s been in 60,000 years, and so appears to the eye as a slightly larger, mildly-orange colored star in the sky. It’s actually somewhat creepy; I’ve spent enough time watching the stars to recognize that Mars (though I wouldn’t know enough to call it Mars, normally) doesn’t look right. Akin to a solar eclipse, writ small…even though you know what’s going on, it’s vaguely unsettling.

And that’s enough for tonight. Chobits awaits!


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